Travel Planning
Travel Planning

You are planning a trip to Turkey and/or Greece and you are seeking the assistance of an experienced partner who can help you in your planning as there are many questions :
1. It's my first time to these countries, I don't know where to start with.
2. How long should I stay in a specific destinations/town ?
3. What is worthwhile being visited or not ?
4. What is the best way (both schedule and time effective) to travel between destinations ?
5. How much does it cost ?
6. What are my advantages between booking directly from the provider or to have a travel agent acting on my behalf ?

Remember :
"What may go wrong, will go wrong" and "Without a travel agent, you are alone".

When you plan a holiday to Turkey and/or Greece with Bluege Travel, your only home work will be :
1. How many days do I have ?
2. What are my must-see places ?
3. When do I plan to go ?
4. What is my budget ?

Bluege Travel will then contact you with a first plan on which we will then work together till we reach a mutual agreement upon which Bluege Travel will act as your representative travel agent :
1. Make all reservations and follow up the confirmations and payments;
2. Send a voucher or e-ticket for each booked service with local contact information;
3. As you will enjoy your holidays, Bluege Travel will re-confirm all services from the back stage;

Let us do the work so you can enjoy the most your travel E-Motions !