Travel Information - Turkey
Travel Information - Turkey

Bluege Travel wish you a warm welcome in Turkey. 
In order to help you enjoy the best of your time, we here share with you some practical information which will be useful while you plan your trip as well as during your stay.
Subjects in alphabetic order.

Accident or Loss :

Bluege Travel have no liability for loss, damage, delay, inconvenience, or direct or consequential loss, however caused, unless due to their own employees’ negligence, in which case our liability is limited (except for death or personal injury) to a maximum of the refund of the tour cost.
Bluege Travel do not own or manage the hotels, ferries, ships, vehicles, accommodation and restaurants used and we have no liability for loss or damage caused by the proprietors or operators thereof.
Baggage is at owner’s risk throughout the tours.

Bluege Travel respects your privacy.
We do not sell your personal information to anyone.

Children :
Children under eighteen must be accompanied by an adult.
As children reduction policy varies for each supplier, we kindly ask you to contact us for further information in this matter.

Clothing :
Though Turkey is mainly a muslim country, there is no specific dress code yet appropriate dressing is expected.
Entrance to mosques, churches, monasteries visited in our tours is not allowed to gentlemen and ladies with no proper outfit.  In mosques, shoes should be taken off, shoulders and knees should be covered and ladies should also cover their hair.  For this scarves are at your disposal at the entrance of the mosques but bringing your own scarf is recommended.
Though Turkey is known as a "sunny country", winters in some region can be very cold, snowy.  Hence appropriate clothing is hihgliy recommended.
In the other seasons, cotton clothes, a sunhat, sun cream, sunglasses will be in your suitcase.  A jumper and raincoat will be brought at all times as evenings - especially in Cappadocia - can be quite cold compared to day time temperatures.
Obviously, for visit of archaeologial sites, appropriate shoes are a must.

Drivers :
Drivers have to work under very strict regulations (specific parking lots, speed limits…) and time restrictions. We kindly ask your understanding and co-operation to facilitate the job of our drivers.

Electricity :
All over the country 220V, 2 pin sockets.
Power cuts are possible in smaller living areas especially in the Summer months when A/C are used at the most.  Hotels are equipped with generators yet out in town or in restaurants, candles are the main "light provider".

Food and Drink :
In the event a customer follows a specific diet for health reasons or due to his belief, he/she is requested to inform Bluege Travel accordingly so that the service supplier can organize as necessary.
In the interest of the safety and comfort of all passengers, we ask you not to bring hot food or drinks onto the coaches.

Guides :
Bluege Travel exclusively works with official tour guides and where possible, guides specialized in the subject of the tour booked. The tours proposed in this website are based on English speaking guidance yet if you wish guidance services in another language, please do inform us accordingly. Depending the requested language tour prices may need to be adapted (tour guidance in “seldom” languages tend to be more expensive than English).
Some group tours may be operated simultaneously in two languages.

Lost property :
Whilst every effort is made to return lost property, Bluege Travel cannot be held responsible for property left behind in hotels, tours coaches, ferries, aircrafts...
Property found will be sent by courier to the address given by the customer yet at full charge of the customer.

Luggage :
Luggage allowance is as per allowance of air companies and indicated on the e-tickets.
For shorter overnight coach tours returning to the point of departure, the allowance is one suitcase not exceeding 20kg (44lb) in weight.  A small amount of hand luggage is permissible.
If requested, Bluege Travel will organize with the hotel at departure point to safe keep your left behind luggage.
Luggage is carried at the passengers own risk and must be collected by the client.

Medication :
If you are following a medical treatment, it is highlighy recommended that you hold your medecines in your hand luggage.
Pharmacies in Turkey are very well provided (also with phytotherapeutical medicines) and hence, if needed, you will most probably find your usual medicines even if they may have another commercial brand name in Turkey.

Passports & visas :
A passport valid for the visited countries must be carried and it is the customer’s responsibility to ascertain visa requirements for the visited countries.
Visas to enter Turkey can be bought at any of the below :
1. At any airport or port from the “Visa Desk” (payment exclusively in cash, come prepared)
2. Online at
Price of a Turkish Visa, length of allowed stay and number of entrances permitted with one single visa depend on the citizenship (not country of residence) of the passport holder.
If you organize a trip including Cyprus, please bear the below in mind :
1. If your passport has been stamped at any gate (port or airport) of Turkish Northern Cyprus, access to Greece will be refused to you.
2. If you enter Cyprus from the Southern Greek side, you may not leave the island from the Turkish Northern part nor vice versa.

Personal insurance :
Cancellation, loss or theft of belongings, health…
This is not included in our services. Discuss this with your insurance broker. If requested, Bluege Travel will supply the necessary documents to sustain your insurance request.
It is not possible to subscribe any insurance for foreigners in Turkey.

Smoking :
Smoking is not permitted in the tour coaches but all tours make frequent stops.
It is also prohibited to smoke in all closed areas, decks of ferries, hotel rooms, cabs...

Tipping :
Tour guides, drivers, restaurants staff expect to be tipped as tips are not included in the prices.
As this is still a mark of your appreciation there is no set amount yet a 10% of the bill is usual.

Water :
Tap water is drinkable yet this is not recommended as it is highly chlorinated.
Bottled water will be at hand in all times : on tour, in your hotel room.