Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

BLUEGE TRAVEL, officially registered with the Turkish Travel Agencies Association with #A-3028 under SÖZGEN TURİZM ORGANİZASYON ARAÇ KİRALAMA VE TAŞIMACILIK TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. (hereinafter referred to as Bluege Travel), located Sehit Fethibey Cad. No.122/D-E, Alsancak-Izmir with a branch office at Ege Mah. 442 Sok. No.3/1, Kusadasi-Aydin in Turkey, is specialized in tailoring itineraries both in Turkey and Greece, and in sales of air and ferry tickets and cruises packages.

For this, Bluege Travel uses the assistance of service providers in both countries and its responsibility is limited to the local regulations in Turkey and Greece.

The sales agreement between Bluege Travel and its customers is based on the terms outlined herein. As the Terms & Conditions contain legal obligations, Bluege Travel encourages its clientele to read these pages carefully. They form the basis on which bookings are acceptable by Bluege Travel. By using bluegetravel.com or any affiliated websites, our clientele agrees to be legally bound by these terms, which shall take effect as soon as the parties will have agreed and the non-refundable guarantee deposit will have been paid for. Bluege Travel may change these Terms & Conditions at any time as requested by Turkish and Greek tourism regulations and they may influence the agreement between the parties if this laws will affect your program directly.

Bluege Travel Responsibilities :
Bluege Travel responsibilities start at the moment that both parties, Bluege Travel and its customers, have agreed upon the proposed services and prices. The agreement will be effective when the customer will have given his agreement by e-mail and/or signed a mail order form and/or made the payment of the guarantee deposit.
As long as a guarantee deposit will not have been settled, Bluege Travel will not proceed with any final reservation of requested services.
Once the conditions will have been met, Bluege Travel will be held to make all necessary reservations, get confirmations from the suppliers, send vouchers to the customers and ensure that all services will be provided in due time and place.
Yet, if any of the service providers does not fulfill its duty, the responsibility of Bluege Travel will be limited to the organization – in as far as possible - of an alternative service provider or to the refund of this service if the customer chooses to re-organize himself. Bluege Travel will not be held responsible nor be obliged to interfere in case of mishaps with services which have not been booked via Bluege Travel.
Services bought by Bluege Travel on behalf of their clientele with third party suppliers may carry a different set of terms and conditions for which Bluege Travel will be not held responsible. The name of these service suppliers is clearly written on the vouchers (top left corner).  Yet it will be the duty of Bluege Travel to inform its clientele of these differences.

Prices :
Prices in this website are based on costs as launched on January 2013 and are subject to change without prior notice as they may be influenced by any price increases (fuel surcharges, entrance fee increases, taxes…).

Prices listed on Bluege Travel website are per person unless otherwise specified. If not specified differently in the tour description, prices usually do not include drinks, personal expenses, entrance fees, domestic flights, personal travel insurances, visa fees, port dues and gratuities to guides and drivers.
Gratuities are at your discretion and are really appreciated if given.

Procedures and Services :
When the guarantee deposit will have been settled, the customer will be bound to give to Bluege Travel all required information to finalize thorough reservations as per below :

1. Due to local tourism legislations, for each passenger Bluege Travel will need the full first name(s), family name, date of birth, citizenship and passport number as per passport which will be used during this travel.
2. Some ferry and air companies may require identification (ie, copy of passport or student card) for those passengers entitled a price reduction.  It will be the responsibility of the customer to address these to Bluege Travel in due time or else the concerned ferry / air company may decline the reduction in which case Bluege Travel will accept no responsibility.
3. Should a customer have booked one or more services via another supplier (or online) and that this information is needed for Bluege Travel to book the related services, the customer will give all necessary details to Bluege Travel (details will be asked in due time).
Bluege Travel kindly ask its clientele to give all means of contacts during their itinerary so that Bluege Travel can contact them in case of necessity (cf. "Force Majeure"). It the same way customers are free to give Bluege Travel’s information to relatives in home country.
Bluege Travel, herewith, certify that the personal information of its customers will only and solely be used for the purpose of reservations if and when needed.

Tour information :
While touring with groups, please note that seats are on a first come first serve basis.
Bluege Travel or their service providers may, at discretion, require any person to withdraw from any tour if their acts or conduct are deemed unpleasant or a nuisance to other passengers, and Bluege Travel or their service providers shall have no further liability.
Bluege Travel or their service providers reserve the right to cancel any tours due to lack of participants and to use vehicle types/sizes as needed by the number of participants. Program contents or prices may be altered at any time due to unforeseen circumstances such as Road works, Museum renovations,  Official parades, Force majeure (see below).
Yet Bluege Travel or their service suppliers will inform their participants in advance – if possible - of any possible alterations. In the event of any service not being carried out due to any cause whatsoever, no liability will be accepted by Bluege Travel except for the refund of the price of the concerned service. Should the passenger fail to arrive or arrive late at the meeting point or during the tour, Bluege Travel and its service suppliers will not be held responsible and no refund will be made. This will be considered as a “no-show”.

Vouchers / tickets :
Bluege Travel will address its customers by e-mail a voucher for each hotel, tour, transfer, event or service booked. These original and/or authentic Bluege Travel vouchers will be delivered by the custonmer to the appropriate service provider in order to redeem the tours, tickets, or services.
For flights, customers will receive e-tickets by e-mail.
For ferry tickets, depending on the company, the customer will receive a reservation code by e-mail or Bluege Travel will deliver hard tickets in hand.

Payment :
These are acceptable by credit card or bank transfer. Bluege Travel accept VISA and MASTERCARD and there is no extra fee for processing payments with these credit cards. Bank fees for international bank transfers are at charge of the customer.
Exceptionally American Express card will be accepted yet at a supplement of 4% on the total amount of the booked services.
For payments by bank transfer, the customer will be informed of our bank details in due time. Any charges which may occur from the bank(s) will be at the charge of the customer.
For payments by credit card, Bluege Travel will send in due time a mail order form.  This form may be duplicated as many times as necessary (payment with installments, payment by several passengers of a same party…)
A guarantee deposit of at least 30% of the total agreed amount will required to make a reservation. The guarantee deposit will not be refunded whatever the reason of cancellation. The balance is due latest one month prior to the start of the tour.
Returning a duly filled in and signed mail order form to Bluege Travel or a payment by bank transfer is binding : this is the customer’s agreement of these sales terms and conditions and of Bluege Travel’s  services and prices, whatever service is or is not included in the package. Yet, as reservation proceed, some amendments (hotel fully booked, ferry/ schedule altered, tour removed from program…) may be necessary and these will be made upon common agreement.
For further details regarding amendments and cancellations, see below.

Amendments by the customer :
Amendments are allowed subject to availability up to 1 week prior to start of tour yet possible price differences will be calculated and a service fee will be charged.
Air tickets, ferry tickets will be amended as per the regulations of the concerned company.

Cancellations by the customer :
Unless otherwise informed, any cancellation of tours, packages or any other services will be refund under the conditions below :

1. Half or Full day tours (city tours, private city tours, private shore excursions)
If cancelled up to 7 days prior to tour start date : full refund except for the guarantee deposit.
If cancelled less than 7 days prior to the tour start : no refund
No-show : no refund

2. Multiday tours :
If cancelled more than 30 days prior to tour departure : refund of all payments made except the guarantee deposit.
If cancelled 16-30 days prior to tour departure : 50% refund of the ground services only (ferry and air tickets not included in this clause yet these will be refunded as per specific regulations of concerned ferry/air companies)
If cancelled 01-15 days prior to tour departure : no refund

3. Air and/or ferry tickets amendments and cancellations :
As these service suppliers have their specific regulations, refund of these services will be made as per the specific amendment/cancellation rules of the concerned ferry/air companies.
Nevertheless, for both amendment/cancellation and whatever the refund by the ferry/air company, a service fee of 5,- Euro per ticket (route and person) will be charged by Bluege Travel.

Amendment or Cancellations by Bluege Travel or its suppliers :
Bluege Travel and its service suppliers reserve the right to amend or cancel any service without any penalties beyond offering a full refund if the customer would not agree with the proposed alternative services.
The reasons of such amendment or cancellation can be repetitive complaints about a supplier by other customers, non-observance of the agreement by the supplier, bankruptcy of the supplier, case of force majeure (see below), safety of the customer, bad road conditions, bad weather conditions, unadvertised renovations…
Delays in services - due to cases of force majeure or any other reason (traffic jams, last minute re-organization for the well-being of the customer, technical defects of the vehicles...) - are not considered as amendment or cancellation.  Delays are just beyond the control of Bluege Travel and/or their supplier and can happen.

Force Majeure :
Are considered as "Force Majeure" all events beyond the control of Bluege Travel and their service suppliers which may prevent the realization of the services such as natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, epidemics), war, union actions as all what may result of these.
Furthermore any of technical defects for any of air-sea-land transportation, decisions by airport or port authorities, strikes, lock-out or any other human activity which may interfere in the smooth going of a program will also be considered as beyond the control of Bluege Travel and their service suppliers thus also as "Force Majeure".
In case of "Force Majeure" Bluege Travel and the concerned service suppliers will not be held responsible but will advise their customers, if at all possible, as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone. Bluege Travel will also do whatever is in their power to assist their customers, ensure their safety and if necessary try and organize their return to their home country upon agreement of the Consulate of the customer's country.

Should a customer, due to a "Force Majeure", have to interrupt services booked via Bluege Travel, Bluege Travel cannot be held responsible for it nor be asked compensations.  Bluege Travel will only reimburse that part of the service(s) which have not been realized solely upon the written acceptance of the concerned service supplier(s).