Syros, not fully dedicated to tourism

The great thing about Syros is that it owes everything a Greek island should have : nice beaches, taverns and bars, but Syros is not fully dedicated to tourism. The reason is that it is the administrative center of the Cyclades, so the economy does not really need tourism.

Very unusual for Greece is that half of the populations is Catholic. Despite the fact that the island is very harsh, people grow vegetables, make wine and breed animals. They also build ships and make cloth. The shipyards of Syros are of the most important factors that help the economy of the island. Syros is also famous for its loukoumia (the Greek version of the Turkish delights) that are exported to Greece mainland and many countries.

The most interesting attraction of the island is the Venetian influence. Just like most of the Cycladic islands, the Venetians came here in the beginning in the 13th century, and were to stay until the Ottomans  took over in the 16 the century.

The Apollo Theatre in Ermoupoli is a mini copy of La Scala in Milan. The town also counts very interesting churches, such as Agios Demetrius, Treis Hierarches and Agios Nikolas. Other highlights are the archaeological museum and the library.

Don’t miss the Syros sunsets. In Ermoupolis you go for walks, admire the buildings such as the Town Hall building, the Miaouli Square, the theatre and the public library.

The coasts on the South and West side are generally considered to have the best beaches. Galissas beach is a very beautiful sand beach, Vari, Finikas Bay and Gialos are also popular beaches without being overcrowded.

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