Paros, a quiet fishermen island

Paros is the Grand Central Station of the Aegean. Most boats stop here. The town, full of foreigners and bars, is the head of the smaller villages and the island of Antiparos. The tiny idyllic fishing village of Naoussa is so crowded in the summer that you have to stand in line to walk past the cafes that surround the port. The beaches of Paros though popular are also quite nice. Antiparos has nice beaches and cafes and is more relaxed then Paros . There is also the gigantic Cave of Antiparos which is the most popular site on the island. Paros is the windsurfing capital of Greece.

Paros is the island for every man : just about every ferry stops here, once people stop here, most of them do not want to leave. There are plenty of beautiful beaches of different sizes and shapes. There are hotels of every category, from luxury villas to simple rooms. There are great restaurants and plenty of night life including bars and hordes of people to interact with.

It may not be the Greece you are looking for but there's a good chance you will have as much fun as you could have had in Mykonos and you will still be able to afford to buy some gifts for your family and friends without using the credit card you were saving for emergencies.

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