Chios, the Island of Mastica

Chios is an ideal destination for family and single travelers, for history and culture lovers or for those who simply want to live Greece.
Beautiful beaches and caves await for you at every twist and turn of the rugged coastline. As with all volcanic islands, Chios has its share of mountainous area too and is great for walking and exploring.

The mediaeval villages of the island are still populated today and it is with great pride that the Chians keep their traditions, and their homes as they were centuries ago.

Chios is an island with a tumultuous and violent history leading us today into a passive, peaceful and welcoming environment blessed with a natural landscape of beauty and traditional villages.

Among the places you can visit in Chios are of course Chios town, Kastro, Museum of Justiniani, the Byzantine Museum, the Museum of Philip Argenti, Mastikhokhoria aka the “20 Mastic Villages”, the Monastry of Nea Moni, Mesta Village, Olympoi, the Byzantine Church of Panagia Krina, the Taksiarkhis Church, Avgonyma Village, the Volissos Village, the Monastry of Moni, Moundon, the Ikaros Village.

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